NAGASE UV Curable Resins and Materials – NAGASE UV Curable Resins and Materials

NAGASE UV Curable Resins
and Materials

  • Epoxy No.030
    Epoxy-030 is special epoxy resin having alicyclic moiety.
    It gives high light fastness and high transparency to its cured materials.
    And, the viscosity of this product is low compared with BPA type epoxy resin.
  • Epoxy No.020
    Epoxy-020 is modified Tri Epoxy Propyl Iso Cyanurate with extended length of spacer.
    It gives heat resistance and force resistance to its cured materials.
    Also, epoxy-020 has high reactivity at low temperature.
  • PAG No.010
    PAG-010 is improved a purity of mono-sulfonium salts by using unique production method.
    Therefore, this product has higher solubility and storage stability, and stable UV curability compared to conventional products, which has high amount of bis-sulfonium salts in its structure.
  • Methacrylate No.010
    Methacrylate No.010 is harmonious flame retardants including methacryl group.
    Therefore, it is easy to be polymerized with other monomers.

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NAGASE & CO., LTD. handles many unique UV curable resins and materials (monomers, oligomers, curing agents), and has been trading performances with various customers. We provide products which have suitable properties such as fast curability, low shrinkage, excellent adhesion, heat resistance, transparency and moreover, satisfies our customers’ development requirements.

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