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About Epoxy

1) What is Epoxy?

Epoxies are material that have ether with three-membered ring.Epoxy resins are cured by cationic polymerization and they have excellent stiffness, chemical resistance, moisture resistance, and water resistance.

Alicyclic epoxy

Glycidyl ether

2) Mechanism of radical reactivity for epoxies.

To initiate cationic polymerization, a photo-acid generator is used of sulfonium salt or iodonium salt-based.

3) Reaction velocity of Epoxy No.030 and No.040

※This figure is not a guaranteed value.

4) Application of epoxies

・Photoresist in semiconductor manufacturing process

・ 3D printing ink

・Adhesives for electronic materials such as display, optical fiber and image sensor.

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