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About UV curing resin

1) What is UV curing resin?

→ Materials that are polymerized and cured in a short time by the energy radiated from ultraviolet irradiation devices.


Excellent characteristics of UV-curing resins.

・Working hour is shortened because the curing speed is fast.

・No need for a large space for drying because of no need for heat drying process which consumes a lot of power.

・They provide good workability because of nonsolvent, one-part resin.

・Precise manufacturing is feasible.


Types of UV curing resins.


2) What differences between Radical type and Cationic type


3) What is UV curing resin used for?

・ UV ink, optical lens, laminate, coating

・ Photoresist in semiconductor manufacturing process

・ 3D stereolithography, Dental material

・ UV adhesive for LCD

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